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[10 Jul 2004|05:57pm]
Wow. Been the weirdest month or so since we played a show. Lots of news. So many changes.

Big line up change. I dont know how this shit happens. I'd like to say for the most part its been drama free, but this time that isnt necessarily the case. Details aside, Charles is back in, Fife is out and Sarah is helping on more of a live performance level than before, where she was just helping with outfits and what not. So now Charles is basically playing some guitar, some keys, lots of pedals and tons of noise. Sarah works the sampler or it's equivilant, plays a little keys and looks cute. I'm just yelling, crooning and pedal-fucking as usual. The outcome is a little weirder now... still Crack:WAR-ish, a lot like Wolf Eyes and maybe a tidbit Throbbing Gristle-ish. Or a ton. I dunno.

We're still touring. Final dates soon.

Oh, and we changed the name to Night Wounds.
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[26 Jun 2004|07:45am]
Been a while since I updated this.

It looks like Sondra, Julian of Giant Bat's girlfriend will be playing keys for us at the upcoming Blood Brothers show at the Middle East. If anything changes, I'll be sure to keep you updated.

Brand new completely redesigned Hott Ruxx website coming within the next day or two. The art I put together is simple and very beautiful, yet still a little weird, keeping with my style.

Hott Ruxx demo cdr coming very soon, we promise. We just need to lay the four tracks down real quick and throw vocals on 'em. I'd like to assume we'll have it out by the show on the 8th, for sure, but I'm probably lying.

Gang Wizard - "Live @ The Long Haul Infoshop" cdr
Wolf Eyes - "Uglied" cdr
Pelican - "Australasia" cd
ESG - "A South Bronx Story" cd
Get Hustle - "Dream Eagle 1" 12"
Business Lady cdr
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[16 Jun 2004|02:32pm]
Hey friends! Maybe you can help?

Does anyone know how to get ahold of the fine folks who book shows for weird-minded bands at 2nd Ave. Pizza (sp?) in Seattle, WA?! We need a show there August 31st, so let me know! Anyone who can help gets a present, for real.

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[11 Jun 2004|07:13am]
Three things.

1. The June/July tour, if I hadn't already mentioned, is cancelled. It was only five shows but cash wise we just couldn't afford it, considering we're attempting to save so that this August/September Full US deal goes as perfect as possible without serious disaster or panic. Plus, 2/3rd's of the Ruxx are basically homeless for the time being, which in reality is the entire band since...

2. Charles has resigned from position as keyboardist. It was a mutual decision and was decided on calm/fair ground and we wish him the best. Fuck, we'll still see him all the time because he's my best friend. He just cant take the time off from work and school that's coming up in early September. Hell, not everyone can be psychotic and give up a good paying job to go play "rock and roll band" for a month. Luckily we've done enough drugs to somehow convince our minds that it's a fine idea.

3. The Blood Brothers/Kill Me Tomorrow/Chromatics show downstairs at the Middle East is sure to be a blast. Come one, come all if you live in the Boston area or fuck, if you're from New England at all. Especially you NH and Maine cats, considering this is the furthest North these three bands will be going this time around! I dare you to say you don't absolutely adore "Plaster Hounds"! Anyways... July 8th and it starts... I dont know? Regardless, it's ten bucks and while the place holds 575, it's sure to sell out. Havent you heard? We're huge. Well... one of the bands is.

http://www.hottruxx.tk - UPDATED!
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[03 Jun 2004|12:22pm]
Our show with Glass Candy the other night was a lot of fun. Despite sound issues, we had a good time and people seemed to enjoy us. I'm quite positive girls enjoyed it when I grabbed someone in the crowd's dick and held on for dear life.

We have zero shows until we leave for tour. Maybe this will change? I have absolutely no idea.

We're doing a split 7" with yet to be confirmed band. We have a list in order of who we want it with and we'll have someone for the b-side signed on soon. Who is putting it out? Oh, two lovely ladies from Oklahoma and North Carolina. How many girls do you know that have their own label? More power to them! Girls are geniuses, not coat racks.

Oh, the website has been completely redone and every page has been updated. New photographs, tour dates, release information, related bands info, etc. Check it out. It'll be a good waste of twenty or so of your precious minutes.

Question? Comments?
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[28 May 2004|02:00pm]

(* means we need help!)
August 13th - Boston, MA @ The Hoss w/ Giant Bat, Via Employee, Kites(?)
August 14th - Providence, RI @ AS220 w/ Giant Bat, Via Employee
August 15th - Pittsburgh, PA w/ Giant Bat, Via Employee*
August 16th - Columbus, OH w/ Giant Bat, Via Employee, The Cinema Eye
August 17th - Detroit, MI w/ Giant Bat, Via Employee
August 18th - Chicago, IL w/ Giant Bat, Via Employee
August 19th - St. Louis, MO w/ Giant Bat*
August 20th - ? w/ Giant Bat*
August 21st - Clovis, NM @ The Hole (613 Main St) w/ Giant Bat
August 22nd - Phoenix, AZ w/ Giant Bat*
August 23rd - San Diego, CA @ Scolari's Office w/ Giant Bat, Business Lady, Quenquaritis
August 24th - Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell w/ Giant Bat, Business Lady, Moth Drakula
August 25th - Bay Area, CA w/ Giant Bat*
August 26th - Portland, OR @ Million (120 NE Russell) w/ Giant Bat, Yuma Nora
August 27th - Portland, OR w/ Giant Bat, Alarmist?*
August 29th - Olympia, WA w/ Giant Bat
August 31st - Seattle, WA w/ Giant Bat*
September 1st - ? w/ Giant Bat*
September 2nd - Boise, ID w/ Giant Bat*
September 3rd - Salt Lake City, UT w/ Giant Bat*
September 4th - Denver, CO w/ Giant Bat
September 5th - Pierre, SD w/ Giant Bat
September 6th - Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN w/ Giant Bat
September 7th - Detroit, MI w/ Giant Bat
September 8th - Upstate NY w/ Giant Bat*
September 9th - Portsmouth/Dover, NH w/ Giant Bat
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[19 May 2004|05:45am]
We have two shows before this month closes.

May 23rd.
Hott Ruxx
more tba?!
@ The Muddy River Smokehouse
21 Congress St. Portsmouth, NH
18+ / 6PM / FREE

May 31st.
Glass Candy
Hott Ruxx
Young Sexy Assasins
@ The Middle East Upstairs
472 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA
18+ / 9PM / $8

Come hang out with us. We have shirts and stuff for sale.
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[29 Apr 2004|06:03pm]
Okay, here are the revised dates for tour.

(w/ Birth Rites)
06/26 - New York City - NEED HELP!
06/27 - New York City/Philly - NEED HELP!
06/28 - Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space
06/29 - Hampton, VA @ the Rat Ward (22 Malory St. Floor 2)
06/30 - Charlotte, NC w/ Neon Shmeon
07/01 - Raleigh, NC @ Rich's House w/ Black Castle
07/02 - Atlanta, GA w/ Sids?
07/03 - New Orleans/Baton Rouge, LA - NEED HELP!
07/04 - New Orleans/Baton Rouge, LA - NEED HELP!
07/05 - Kentucky/Tennesee - NEED HELP!
07/06 - Columbus, OH w/ Audion, Roar is the Sound
07/07 - Pittsburg, PA @ Mr. Roboto
07/08 - Dover, NH @ The Dirty Basement w/ Giant Bat

(w/ Giant Bat)
(* w/ Via Employee)
08/13 - Boston, MA* @ The Hoss
08/14 - Providence, RI* @ The Safari Lounge?
08/15 - Buffalo, NY* - NEED HELP!
08/16 - Columbus, OH* - NEED HELP!
08/17 - Detroit, MI*
08/18 - Chicago, IL*
08/19 - St. Louis, MO - NEED HELP!
08/20 - Tulsa/Oklahoma City, OK or Day Off Drive - WHAT THE FUCK?
08/21 - Clovis, NM @ The Hole (613 Main St)
08/22 - Phoenix, AZ - NEED HELP!
08/23 - San Diego, CA w/ Business Lady
08/24 - Los Angeles, CA - NEED HELP!
08/25 - Bay Area, CA
08/26 - Portland, OR @ Million (120 NE Russell) w/ Yuma Nora
08/27 - Portland, OR - DAY OFF or SHOW? HELP?
08/29 - Olympia, WA
08/31 - Seattle, WA - NEED HELP!
09/01 - Day Off?!
09/02 - Boise, ID - NEED HELP!
09/03 - Salt Lake City, UT - NEED HELP!
09/04 - Denver, CO - NEED HELP!
09/05 - Pierre, SD
09/06 - Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN - NEED HELP!
09/07 - Detroit, MI
09/10 - Upstate NY - NEED HELP!
09/11 - Portsmouth/Dover, NH

Write if you can help.
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[29 Apr 2004|10:15am]
Upcoming Hott Ruxx showz.

May 21st. - w/ Black Castle (Raleigh, NC), Birth Rites, Giant Bat + more tba
@ The Dirty Basement / Dover, NH
6PM / $5 / All Ages

May 31st. - w/ Glass Candy & The Shattered Theatre (Portland, OR)
@ The Middle East Upstairs / Cambridge, MA
9PM / $8 / 18+

We want more shows so send us an e-mail at lostinpicturesnh@yahoo.com for booking. We're trying to play as much as possible before we leave for our Summer tour.
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[27 Apr 2004|11:48am]
Hey thanks for friending this journal. Updating the website every five seconds is pretty bogus so tenative and small updates will be in here. It also gives people a chance to comment with questions or comments, instead of just wondering what's up and not doing anything about it.

soft_pyramids and holdenc are both Hott Ruxx representatives. They will let you know whats up.

Okay, so we are taking a break from shows to write and get shit together for the live aspect of things. That bizarre mind fuck at the Muddy River Smokehouse the other night was only a taste... a halfassed taste at that. Our first tenative show back is set for May 21st. More info soon.

Here is what tour is looking like so far, tenatively. Dates with a * are set or being taken care of. Get in touch though to help with any and all dates.

All Dates w/ Birth Rites
06/25 - Amherst, NH
06/26 - New York City*
06/27 - New York City/Philly*
06/28 - Baltimore, MD*
06/29 - Hampton, VA*
06/30 - Charlotte, NC*
07/01 - Raleigh, NC*
07/02 - Atlanta, GA*
07/03 - New Orleans, LA
07/04 - New Orleans, LA
07/05 - Tennesse/Kentucky
07/06 - Columbus, OH*
07/07 - Pittsburg, PA*
07/08 - Dover, NH*

All Dates w/ Giant Bat
08/14-18 w/ Via Employee
08/14 - Providence, RI*
08/15 - Buffalo, NY
08/16 - Cleveland, OH
08/17 - Detroit, MI*
08/18 - Chicago, IL*
08/19 - St. Louis, MO
08/20 - Tulsa/Oklahoma City, OK or Day Off Drive
08/21 - Santa Fe, NM*
08/22 - Phoenix, AZ
08/23 - San Diego, CA*
08/24 - Los Angeles, CA
08/25 - Bay Area, CA*
08/26 - Bay Area - DAY OFF*
08/27 - Portland, OR*
08/28 - Portland, OR*
08/29 - Portland, OR - DAY OFF*
08/30 - Olympia, WA*
08/31 - Seattle, WA
09/01 - Day Off?!
09/02 - Boise, ID
09/03 - Salt Lake City, UT
09/04 - Denver, CO
09/05 - Piere, SD
09/06 - Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN
09/07 - Detroit, MI*
09/10 - Buffalo, NY
09/11 - Boston, MA or Portsmouth/Dover, NH*

The "----" seperates set dates from tenative dates we havent decided on. We realized we have quite the drive home so we might as well hit some cities and play some shows if possible. We'll know more in the next few days.

hottruxxyoufuxx@yahoo.com - general questions
lostinpicturesnh@yahoo.com - show help
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